Prosecutors Drop Charges Against Alton Logan

Prosecutors decided not to retry Alton Logan, who had served 26 years in prison for the murder of a security guard in 1982. Earlier this year attorneys Jamie Kunz and Dale Coventry advised the court that their recently deceased client - Andrew Wilson - had told them he was responsible for the murder. The attorneys kept that information confidential for years until Wilson's recent death, claiming they could not divulge it due to the attorney-client relationship. 

Judge Agrees to Review Confession of James Andrews

Cook County Circuit Judge Thomas Sumner has agreed to review the confession that James Andrews made back in 1983 when he confessed to killing Floyd Jenkins and Keith Lewis. Andrews was questioned by police at the Area 2 detective division. Andrews has claimed that he was physically and psychologically abused and forced to confess. No date has been set yet for a hearing on the matter.

Aaron Patterson Sentenced To 30 Years In Prison

Former death row inmate Aaron Patterson was sentenced to 30 years in prison stemming from gun and drug charges. Back in 2003, Patterson received a gubernatorial pardon from then-Governor George Ryan. Patterson was sentenced by United States District Court judge Rebecca Pallmeyer. Patterson was represented by attorney Andrea Gambino. Patterson's civil rights suit is still pending in the Northern District of Illinois.

Bond Set For Officers In Jefferson Tap Beating

Bond has been set for three Chicago police officers accused of beating four men at the Jefferson Tap and Grill. Sgt. Jeffery Planey, 33, and Officers Paul Powers, 25, and Gregory Barnes, 39, were each charged with aggravated battery. Planey was also charged with obstruction of justice and official misconduct. Yesterday, Cook County Judge Raymond Myles set Planey's bond at $60,000, and Power's and Barnes' bond at $40,000. The next hearing in the case is scheduled for June 8, 2007.

Anthony Abbate Pleads Not Guilty

Anthony Abbate appeared in criminal court yesterday and pleaded not guilty to all 15 felony counts pending against him, including counts for aggravated battery, official misconduct, intimidation, conspiracy and communicating with a witness. Abbate is a 12-year veteran of the Chicago Police Department. He declined to comment on the charges.  Abbate is represented by attorney Peter Hickey.

Three Officers Charged In Jefferson Tap Bar Beating

Three Chicago police officers have been charged with beating four men at the Jefferson Tap & Grille last December. The new officers charged are Sgt. Jeffrey Planey and officers Gregory Barnes and Paul Powers. Each was charged with aggravated battery. Planey was also charged with obstruction of justice and official misconduct.