Robert Wilson Released From Prison After June Siler Recants Her Identification

On Monday, December 4, 2006, Robert Wilson was released from the Logan Correctional Center. Cook County presiding judge Paul Biebel, Jr. vacated Wilson's conviction after Assistant Cook County State's Attorney Celeste Stack advised the judge that her office would not be seeking a new trial. June Siler, the victim of a throat slashing in 1997, recently recanted her prior testimony that Wilson was her attacker. Wilson had been convicted of attempted murder and had served 9 years of his 30 year sentence. Wilson signed a written confession but claimed at his criminal trial that the confession was false. Last month, Chicago Tribune reporter Maurice Possley wrote that in a recent "tearful interview" Siler said that Wilson was not her attacker, despite the fact that she identified Wilson as her attacker at her criminal trial in 1997.