Rape Victim Settles With City Of Chicago

A woman who alleged she was raped by Chicago Police Officer John Herman has agreed to settle her civil lawsuit against the City of Chicago for a sum believed to be in the neighborhood of $1.5 million. Last month, Herman was sentenced to 25 years in prison by a Cook County Criminal Court judge who found him guilty of aggravated criminal sexual assault, aggravated kidnapping and official misconduct. Herman had contended that his sex with the victim was consensual. The victim was represented by attorneys Benjamin Nwoye and Matthew Belcher.

Judge Holderman Denies Madison Hobley and Leroy Orange's Motion To Enforce Settlement Agreement

Judge James F. Holderman has denied plaintiffs' consolidated motion to enforce settlement and for sanctions brought by plaintiffs Madison Hobley and Leroy Orange. Plaintiffs had alleged that as of November 3, 2006, attorneys representing the City of Chicago entered into an oral settlement agreement with plaintiffs' counsel but refused to honor the settlement. Judge Holderman stated that "the court finds that there was no final settlement agreement because the proposed agreement was never approved by the Chicago City Council, a contingency all parties' counsel agree was extant and unfulfilled." Plaintiff had contended that the parties had agreed to settle three lawsuits (Madison Hobley, Leroy Orange, and Stanley Howard) for $14.8 million. The court also denied the plaintiffs' motion for sanctions.

City of Chicago to Pay $8 Million to Larry Ollins and Omar Saunders

The Chicago Tribune has reported that the City of Chicago has reached an agreement to pay $8 million to Larry Ollins and Omar Saunders, two of the men who were convicted of the 1986 rape and murder of medical student Lori Roscetti. Ollins and Saunders were released from prison in 2001. Duane Roach and Eddie Harris pleaded guilty to Roscetti's rape and murder in 2004 and were each sentenced to 75 years in prison. In December 2006, the City of Chicago approved a $900,000 settlement to Marcellius Bradford, who had also been charged with Roscetti's rape and murder. And Calvin Ollins, Larry Ollins' cousin, settled with the City in 2003 for $1.5 million.

City Of Chicago Settles 1998 Police Shooting Case

The City of Chicago has agreed to pay Anton Brown, Tiffany Crawford, Michael Johnson and Joe Rice the collective sum of $1.75 million stemming from a police shooting that took place on June 14, 1998 after the Chicago Bulls had won the NBA championship. The plaintiffs claimed they were shot while driving away from the police. The police officers contended they fired at plaintiffs' car as it headed towards them. The plaintiffs were represented by attorney David Cerda. The defendants were represented by James Sotos.

Madison Hobley, Stanley Howard and Leroy Orange Claim City of Chicago Refusing to Honor Settlement

Attorneys for Madison Hobley, Stanley Howard and Leroy Orange claim in recently filed court papers that the City of Chicago is refusing to honor a collective $14.8 million settlement. The City of Chicago denies that such a settlement was reached and has stated that all settlement talks have been confidential. Hobley, Howard and Orange claim in their federal court lawsuits that they were tortured by former Chicago detective Jon Burge.  A Special Prosecutor report released last July, however, stated that Special Prosecutors did not believe Orange had been tortured and were skeptical of Hobley and Howard's claims.