Jury Awards ATF Agents $9.75 Million

Yesterday, a federal court jury awarded Michael Casali and his wife Diane Klipfel, both of whom were ATF agents, $9.75 million in damages. The jury found that the City of Chicago failed to properly investigate reports of corruption against former Chicago Police Officer Joseph Miedzianowski, which allowed him to terrorize the couple over a period of years. Back in 1992, Klipfel worked on a case with Miedzianowski and reported that he had robbed a drug dealer. The couple claims that later on Miedzianowski stalked and terrorized them. Chicago Police Superintendent Phil Cline testified in the trial that the department conducted three internal investigations of Miedzianowski, but he was never disciplined. The plaintiffs were represented by attorney Sally Saltzberg. The City of Chicago was represented by Stephen Baker of the City of Chicago Law Department.