Lola Vollen Testifies For Plaintiff

Lola Vollen, editor of the book "Surviving Justice," and founder of the "Life After Exoneration" program, recently testified for plaintiff Alejandro Dominguez in his civil rights lawsuit against the City of Waukegan and former Police Lieutenant Paul Hendley. Ms. Vollen conducted a 7 hour interview of Mr. Dominguez. Ms. Vollen testified that it is very unusual for a person who served time in prison to pursue their exoneration. She also testified regarding post-rape trauma syndrome and said that Mr. Dominguez was suicidal after getting out of prison. On cross-examination, Ms. Vollen testified that she is not a psychiatrist or treater and that she did not examine Mr. Dominguez's prison records or medical records. 

Dr. James Cavanaugh Testifies For Defendants

Dr. James L. Cavanaugh, Jr. recently testified for the defendants, the City of Waukegan and former Police Lieutenant Paul Hendley, in a civil rights suit filed by Alejandro Dominguez. Dr. Cavanaugh was rebutting the testimony of plaintiff's expert, Dr. Terry Kupers. Dr. Cavanaugh is a Professor of Psychiatry at the Rush Medical College and is the founder of Cavanaugh & Associates. Dr. Orest Eugene Wasyliw, also a member of Cavanaugh & Associates, also testified for the defendants. Dr. Wasyliw opined that Mr. Dominguez has painful feelings but those feelings do not impair him in his daily life. Dr. Wasyliw opined that Mr. Dominguez's petition for executive clemency was inconsistent with Mr. Dominguez suffering from a major depressive disorder. This trial took place in the Northern District of Illinois before the Honorable Milton I. Shadur.

Dr. Terry Kupers Testifies For Plaintiff Re: PTSD

Dr. Terry Kupers, a California psychiatrist, has testified again on behalf of a plaintiff, this time for Alejandro Dominguez in his civil rights suit against the City of Waukegan. On October 10, 2006, Dr. Kupers testified that Mr. Dominquez suffers from depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Earlier this year, Dr. Kupers testified on behalf of Michael Evans in his suit against the City of Chicago and ten former Chicago Police Officers. Dr. Kupers testified in that case that Mr. Evans suffers from PTSD. Dr. Kupers also testified last year on behalf of plaintiff Steve Manning in his suit against two FBI agents, Robert Buchan and Gary Miller. In each case, the plaintiff was represented by the law firm of Loevy & Loevy. All three of these trials were conducted in the Northern District of Illinois in Chicago. Dr. Kupers is the author of the book "Prison Madness."